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Lake Communications sells, maintains, upgrades and installs Nortel phone equipment.  Nortel, which is now owned by Avaya, is one of the largest telecom equipment producers in the world.  Their equipment is durable and can easily be upgraded or replaced.  Some Nortel phones say at the top – Nortel, Norstar, Meridian, Ameritech and Bellsouth.  Lake Communications works with MICS, CICS, and BCM platforms.  With the Avaya IP Office 500 older Nortel phones can be used with the new system to lower upgrade cost.  We also list below specific equipment Lake Communications provides.

  • Norstar – MICS, CICS
  • BCM 2.5- 3.5, BCM50, BCM200, BCM400
  • Voice mail – Call Pilot 100 – 150, Flash, and NAM
  • Phones – T7316, T7208, T7100, M7324, M7310, M7208, M7100
  • I2001, i2002, i2004, i2007, i2050
  • Cards and Units- T-1, PRI, CLID, LS/DS, DID, 0X16, 12X0, 0X8, 4X16
  • DTM, DSM16, DSM32, ASM8, GATM4, GATM8 and many more

Additional units such as T24 KIM’s, ATA’s, and Fiber terminals

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