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Security Cameras

security_camerasLake Communications of Columbia SC installs and maintains security camera equipment.  These systems can be as small as 2 cameras and can grow up to 64 cameras and beyond.  The type of cameras can be indoor and outdoor, range in color, night vision, and can be impact resistant.  All cameras are in color.  The brain unit for these systems are DVR and internet capable.  We also install VOIP camera systems.  These systems record in high definition and use your LAN for connection.  Cameras are POE and connect to a video server.  During playback you have the ability to zoom in with great clarity.  The old days of black and white playback with large pauses are over.  Now with full movement, color, and the ability to watch all cameras live from any computer in the world, you can look in on your business at any time.  The DVR automatically records new images in and discards the old.  The amount of time is determined by the storage of the brain unit.  It can be 1 month back on all cameras, or up to 1 year.  With the uncertainty of violence in this day, be secure that you will be able to monitor your business for safety of employees and to ensure you do not loose revenue due to theft.  Lake Communications is happy to consult with you for a solution to your security needs.

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