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pagingLake Communications of Columbia SC installs paging systems for your business.  These systems can be as small as one speaker or horn, and can grow to hundreds.  Most of these products are Valcom and are self amplified 24 volt systems.  Valcom now makes VOIP units that can send voice thru your LAN or the internet to connect multiple buildings without the need for copper.  You can have unlimited zones and units with the VOIP product.  It still uses regular self amplified speakers, and can be connected to existing systems including 70 volt.  The speakers can be multiple colors and install in ceiling, in wall, and surface mount.  The horns are indoor or outdoor and range in wattage to achieve the desired volume.  Control of volume is at each speaker.  When you need paging in a large warehouse, outdoor area, or showroom, this system will do the best job.  We have installed these in car dealerships, and large military depots.  We can upgrade your current system, or install a new system for your business.  This equipment comes with a 1-year warranty.

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