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Commercial Audio

audioLake Communications of Columbia SC installs commercial audio speakers and equipment.  We can install multiple types of brands, including Bogen, Atlas, Crown, Zantec, and Russound.  These systems can start with just a few speakers and can grow to hundreds.  Speakers using this 70 volt system can carry sound over large areas and are not susceptible to AC power sources and light ballasts.  Control of volume can be at the main unit, at the speaker, in-wall volume control, and advanced systems can utilize in-wall touch screens.  They can have multiple inputs, and multiple output zones.  These systems can have microphones connected, computers, radio, cable boxes, or any other type of devices.  They can also be connected with the phone system to be able to page.  The music would mute during the page automatically.  We have installed this type of equipment in reception halls and hotels.  Wither you need sound in hallways, offices, or large banquet areas, we can customize the sound solution you need.

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