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Our Story

Lake Communications was started in early 2006 out of a desire to provide quality service to business.  While working for several major phone companies, it was apparent that customer service and quality took a back seat to cutting corners for increasing profit.  During the last decade, every major phone company has changed ownership and names while hurting their relationship to customers.  Since 2006 Lake Communications has delivered superior personal customer service, and technology that works for your business.  Where service and knowledge meet is not only our slogan but how we conduct business.

Owner Ken Lake earned a degree in Electrical Engineering before starting a career in Telecom.  After graduation he started working for the first of three major phone companies over a nine year period.  This experience included cable splicing, business systems, building pre-wire, central office and project management.  Knowing that he could provide better service, Ken Lake started Lake Communications in early 2006.  Below are some certificates Lake Communications has.

  • Global Knowledge Meridian 1 options 11-81C Familiarization
  • Global Knowledge Enterprise Edge system overview and Programming
  • Global Knowledge Enterprise Edge Programming Advanced Voice
  • Global Knowledge Business Communications Manager Overview and Installation
  • Global Knowledge Business Communications Manager System programming with Unified Manager
  • Global Knowledge Business Communications Manager Advanced Voice Programming
  • Global Knowledge Business Communications Manager 2.5 IP and Data
  • Global Knowledge Business Communications Manager MCDN, Call Center and CTI
  • Global Knowledge Business Communications Manager Hardware and Installation
  • Global Knowledge Norstar-Plus Modular ICS 4.0 and Voice mail 4.0 Installation, Maintenance and Database Awarded Excellence in Action in Mission Objectives from major phone company
  • Certificate in Router training
  • Completed course training in Digital T-1 Span Line Testing

Certificate from Utility Technical Services for Telecom Transmission

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